Dystopian Creative Story:

The nuclear aroma filters through the collapsed city, an abyss of despair surrounds the concrete border. The deceased lay on the radiated ground, making the smell even worse. Every so often we see a Russian soldier coming to collect the bodies, so we hide under the rubble of the capital. Most of us are being held as slaves to the Republic but some have found an escape. The Kremlin, the capital of Russia is almost fully constructed after seven months of US slaves hauling bricks around. we don’t know if anyone is coming for us, they probably think we’re dead, but we’re still waiting… hoping.



The air was chilled leaving frost layered across the dirt, the heathered smoke from the vessels penetrated the air, it had been about 58 days of warfare. Our soldiers were attempting to covertly sneak into enemy grounds to disable two new orbital missiles, and to detonate the small bomb destroying the operations base where the artillery was being built. When the first planes entered Vladivostok they were instantly short-circuited due to an electric border  6 miles away from Russia. nevertheless, the TIU responded in seconds and docked at the port and released over 300 TIU operatives. TIU was a new military unit the government established after the Terrorist attack of 2027, TIU or Tactical Inversion Unit is a military group for the best of the best only 4% of applicants make it through. The TIU are trained to carry out the most dangerous missions in the world and are trained in orbital battle. when starting to cross over Vladivostok to get to Moscow, North Korea sent out 100 soldiers to slow down the TIU, following discreetly behind them North Korean soldiers began an attack on the 26/09/2136 and took out over 20 TIU operatives, after 73 minutes of retaliation the TIU neutralised all the Korean soldiers leaving the bodies and a dusty trail of hemoglobin (blood) behind them.


A dark mist camouflaged the city of Moscow, about 35 miles west was the operations centre where the orbital missiles where being set ready for takeoff. The TIU followed along the border making sure not to be seen by anyone, soldiers would have to dive into nearby bushes and water sources every time a vehicle would pass by. The operations centre was a 4 story covert building off the coast of Moscow the building held over 700 workers who assembled the orbital missiles. At any given point the missiles could malfunction and detonate on site leaving the whole of Russia extinct. The raid was planned to take place in the next 16 hours, so the soldiers had time to prepare for what was is one of the most dangerous operations held in US history. The operations centre was scattered in guards and workers leaving no viable entrance in. The soldiers would have to scale the base and drop from the roof covertly into mission control were the kill switch for the building is maintained, switching off that would disarm all access point gates and cameras.


The day had come as nightfall descended over Moscow. Soldiers were readying themselves for a vitally important operation which could affect the rest of the space system and our galaxy forever. When the soldiers arrived at the operations centre special operatives clamped a halo projection device which allowed all TIU  soldiers to stick to the walls. Immediately upon getting to the roof, TIU soldiers brought out the gamma cutter which cut though francium which is a metal that comes from the earth core. When an opening was made all the TIU operatives were assigned to put on vibranium suits which were designed to stop any radiation poisoning and give blast protection. The opening was perfectly over the command control, a flare was thrown in as 20 TIU operatives jumped in with heavily packed gamma guns, taking out over 70 workers tensions were high a alarm was set which sent a distress call to the Russian military. Luckily the TIU turned on the kill switch causing all devices to shut down.


The operation was almost complete all the soldiers had to do know is disable the orbital missiles and set off small bomb. The soldiers shattered the window leading to the launch pad and leaped though the window onto the floor of the pad. Gun fire filled the silenced room blasts of smoke and fire started to radiate the room suddenly silence. All of the guards and workers were dead leaving trails of hemoglobin everywhere. Soldiers pilled up to the missiles and started to decode them, minutes passed by as soldiers waited at all the entrance for Russian military to enter. 42 minutes passed before the first orbital missile was disabled cheers started to fill the room but work wasn’t finished yet the second missile was almost decoded but then sparks started to fly out from the motherboard, smoke started to grow from the wires soldiers quickly got on the ground before a white flash and a megaton explosion followed.


Moscow was left a rubbles bodies scattered everywhere the water suddenly gone the lone survives where left looking like zombies as there bodies were slowly being poisoned by the immense radiation filtering through what was clean air. The TIU soldiers who didn’t enter the operations centre were hiding in a bunker but were later found by the Russian military and were put as slaves.






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