Act 5 Scene II

Location: Friar Lawernce Cell

Time: Thursday Morning

Character: Friar John, Friar Lawrence

Events: Friar John calls for Friar Lawrence. Friar Lawrence comes and asks Friar John if Romeo has replied to the letter or has written his own. Friar John replies and explains to Friar Lawrence that he could not deliver the letter because of an infectious plague that stopped him from carrying on going to Mantua. Friar Lawrence asks if he couldn’t deliver who did? Friar John tells Friar Lawrence that sadly no one has delivered the letter. Friar Lawernce tells Friar John to bring his crowbar. Friar John leaves to get it. Friar Lawrence now must go to the Capulets Tomb to retrieve Juliet and bring her back to his cell before Romeo gets there. “Now must I to the monument alone, within this three hours will fair Juliet wake.

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