Act 5 Scene I

Time: Wednesday Morning

Location: Mantua

Characters: Romeo, Balthasar, Apothecary

Events: Romeo meets Balthasar and asks how his father is doing and ask hows Juliet’s. Romeo then asks if he has received any letters from the Friar but is told he has gotten none. Balthasar delivers news that Juliet is dead. Romeo then tells Balthasar “is it e’en so? then I defy you, stars” meaning he has been following gods plan but now he is going to defy him and ignore his faith and do what he wants to do. Romeo then meets an Apothecary who sells him a vile of poison because he is so poor Romeo tells the apothecary “that there is thy gold worse poison to means souls” meaning that the gold he has used to buy the vile is worse than the actually vile of poison. Romeo plans to travel back to Verona to kill himself next to Juliet.

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