Act 2 Scene III

Location: Friar Lawrence Cell

Time: Early Monday Morning

Characters: Romeo, Friar Lawrence

Events: Friar Lawrence enters his cell talking about the weather. He then starts filling an osier cage with baleful weeds and precious juiced flowers and explains that earth is a grave but also a womb saying that earth contains life but aswell contains death “The earth that’s nature’s mother is her tomb; What is her burying grave that is her Womb”. Romeo enters and greets Friar Lawrence. Friar Lawrence asks why Romeo is up this early and says that Romeo probably didn’t go to sleep at all. Romeo says that she is history. Romeo asks Friar Lawrence can marry a “fair daughter of the rich Capulet” (Juliet). Friar Lawrence is confused because he thought Romeo liked Rosaline Romeo says he loves Juliet. Friar Lawrence tells Romo to take it slow with love.

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