Act 1 Scene 1 Script Modern

`Romeo And Juliet



OP is Tybalt

Oliver is Sampson

Kahu Is Abram

Josh  as Benvolio

Abhishek is Gregory

Phoenix is balthasar




Get ready here comes Kahu


Oliver:,im recording you i have your back i’ll get proof


Abhishek: How! You will delete it


Oliver: No, Don’t doubt me


Abhishek: I am doubting you


Oliver: well It’s fine


Abhishek:ok im ready


Oliver: i’ll just watch


Enters: Kahu and phoenix


Kahu: Are you scared?


Oliver:no i am not scared


Kahu: I’ll ask you again, are you scared


Oliver (aside to Abhishek): Am I meant to be scared?


Abhishek: No


Oliver:No i am not scared of you


Abhishek: Are you mad at us?


Kahu:  Of course I am


Oliver: I am on your side


Kahu: That makes no difference


Oliver: well ok then


Abhishek: It makes a difference now because here comes one of my friends


Oliver: Yeah that makes a difference


Kahu: Your lying


Oliver: Quick i’ll start recording, Abhishek get him


Enters Josh


Josh: Get away from each other and stop recording,


Enters OP


OP: What are you selfish people doing?!


Josh: they were about to go at each other they need peace


OP: What the hell, peace?!? I hate the word. You are all cowards


Everyone starts fighting




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